Commons Ailments and Accidents

The local pharmacist may be able to help with many minor ailments and they are also able to give advice and, where appropriate, medicines to help clear up the problem. The pharmacist will advise you to see your GP for any serious problems. Visiting the pharmacist for minor ailments may help to free up time for GPs which may make it easier to obtain appointments in the future.

Many pharmacies are open in the evenings and over the weekends.

If you would like further information on minor ailments please select one of the links below or visit your local pharmacist.

Attend your GP for:
**wound and dressing care
**muscle and joint injuries, including strains and sprains
**minor lacerations and cuts
**infected wounds

Attend (A&E) for:

  • head injuries or loss of consciousness
  • suturing (stitches)
  • foreign bodies
  • suspected broken bones or heavy blood loss
  • persistent chest pain or difficulty breathing
  • overdose or poisoning